About the Promoter

Anil Sharma

Anil Sharma is a Certified Leadership Coach with the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching network - the world’s largest executive coaching network - and helps business leaders measurably improve their leadership behaviors and stakeholder’s perceptions.

Anil is also a Member of the Institute of Directors, India - an apex association of Corporate Directors that aims to improve the professional competence of Independent Directors on company boards.

Career Snapshot

Anil has a wealth of business leadership experience in lead roles at top tier Distribution, Trading & Service companies such as Al Futtaim, Redington, Jumbo Group, Tata Telecom, HCL Limited across Middle East, Africa and India and is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your growth goals.

The acquisition of behavioral and business competencies afforded him to deliver;
    a. Midterm direction, budgeting, resource allocation, business development and financial KPI’s
    b. Restructuring of businesses & teams to execute business turnarounds’
    c. Development of leadership within the ranks and
    d. De-risked balance sheet

How it all started

Starting off his career (1991) as an Electronics engineer in the fault diagnosis labs, Anil realized early on that its far more interesting to work with people than with machines. There evolved an innate need to understand what makes people tick and how the ‘driven’ leaders create an effective enterprise.
The need to understand what separates one human from the other set him out to seek answers a little after his career mid-point and there came across many enlightened thought leaders who satiated his seeking.

It came about that people are broadly separated by their ego’s, beliefs and fears and that their conduct is shaped by these ingrained impressions.

The focus on Leadership

Over the last decade, Anil dedicated his understanding to lead and mentor people in the enterprise with great success and appreciation from his peer group and seniors.
Business leaders know him as an effective communicator with leadership skills that promote high performance teams in the workplace.
Anil was Awarded the “Manager of Choice” by the Vice Chairman of the Al Futtaim Group in Dubai – one of the largest private sector business in the Middle East.

Influencers in the learning journey

Anil continued to receive & appreciate Leadership training from global thought Leaders like Shiv Khera, Liz Wiseman, Dr. Tommy Weir and other on-the-job mentors.
The Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment identified his top 5 Talents and themed those into Restorative, Connectedness, Strategic, Includer and Relator.

The trigger to Executive Coaching

In my 25 years of mentoring practice, I faced the same challenge again and again...that of a specialist skill-focused Managers struggling to grow into Leadership roles.”
“Do they know what’s missing?”
“These career minded folks do not have access to good mentors or coaches to help them with their leadership learning deficiencies.”

Guided by cues from his protégés that Anil take up Leadership development for individuals, he pursued the development agenda under the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching program.

Since 2001 he has been operating from Dubai, UAE.
Anil helps his clients improve on their Leadership behaviors and connects warmly with folks across different cultures and industries. He draws on his structured learnings from the Marshall Goldsmith program and hands on experience mentoring people to help career leaders materialize their goals and achieve positive lasting change.