Board Advisory

The need for Best Practice Corporate Governance is paramount due to intense competition amongst businesses across the globalized economy. Risks are pervasive across most businesses. Apart from the monetary related risks the non-financial risks include societal impact, ethical, and good will risks. To mitigate harmful practices, financial irregularities and promote long term value creation, listed companies are required and unlisted companies are recommended to deploy ‘risk governance’ and ‘compliance management’ along with appointing an independent Board member to guide corporate performance

Progressive organizations with a growth mission task themselves to identify opportunities and implement actions to create new products/services, identify unmet demand, increase effectiveness of existing offering and develop their people.

I come on board to provide you with objective assessment for current business model and talent. I can help you fine tune the mission, competitive positioning, designing strategic options, boosting efficiency and grow business.

I am a Certified Corporate Director and Member of Institute of Directors, India. Given the combination of skills and background, I go beyond looking at fiduciary responsibilities towards a collaborative role in reviewing and providing business inputs, where areas of engagement include;
Good Corporate Governance model at International Standards
Business Strategy & Talent review
Risk management & Compliance

The Coaching construct allows for the Independent Director to be available as a dependable ally to executive management while securing the interests of shareholders.

Other Services

Having worked with Leaders across the MEA & India, the one thing in common across the leadership spectrum is the management of winning teams - to go and achieve goals.

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Through stakeholder involvement, a culture of coaching is embedded in the  organization, both raising future leaders and employee engagement..

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