Business Transformation Consulting

We connect the business environment with your organization to provide valuable strategic and operational insights for our clients. Depending on the scope of the business transformation consulting project we develop a consortium of specialist Consultants locally & internationally. The combined Knowledge Capital brings to bear a set of strategy consulting methodologies, international best practices along with globally acclaimed Executive Coaching process into following the business areas:
• Fulfilling Leaderships Vision and strategic outcomes
• Generating organizational alignment
• Bringing together diverse teams & drive synergy to create high performance teams
• Business process transformation
• Consulting Solution Design & Project Management
• Mobile & Web development / Customized application / solution development
We take a structured approach to understanding their challenges, and we provide our clients with tools not only to navigate through business risks, but also to gain from opportunities.

The various type of projects we have delivered were all born out of our client needs:
1. Strategic project – developed strategy for supply chain / sourcing / sales
2. Business transformation project – build online presence, digitalization, improve return ratios
3. Performance Improvement projects – unlock working capital & develop Organization Culture
4. Team Efficiency projects – Group Coaching & training
5. Implementation Projects – Interim Management, Director on Board, Project implementation oversight

Client profile

Our clients have ranged from Govt sector (Ministry of HR), Small & Medium sized Trading/Manufacturing/Services firms, Education Trusts & Institutions, Consumer Durables Retailer to high potential Management Executives – from India, Middle East & North Africa.
Common to all the clients is a desire to better manage the risks and opportunities that flow from their business environment.

Business Consulting Case Studies

Showcase the impact we created for clients across different client needs

Consulting Case Study 1

Client: Africa focused Pvt Equity firm acquired stake in a Consumer durables Retail chain North Africa.
Client Challenge: Business turnaround coming from operational KPIs in their portfolio company.
Our Approach:
1. Staged Project ‘Retail Excellence’ with tasks & timelines around: Admin, Customer insights, Merchandising review, People & Strategy.
2. Defined a ‘What looks good model’ for benchmarking purpose and got client endorsement on a ‘Business Transformation’ plan with responsibility matrix.
3. Client analyzed entire customer journey and measured metrics to define improvement actions across value chain.
Impact created:
1. Deployed ‘Business Rhythm’ – a governance cadence for executive management that generated organizational alignment.
2. Management team now focusing on outcomes and conversations about the “ideas underpinning the numbers”.
3. Client Sales team Trained on ‘G.U.E.S.T’ Sales process with complete material and knowledge transfer (Train the Trainer).

Consulting Case Study 2

Client: is an Electronic goods Manufacturer.
Client Challenge: Turnaround a gruesome capital-intensive situation, install operational best practices and unlock value for Shareholders.
Our Approach:
1. Staged Project ‘Business Growth’ with Mini transformation projects around: Customer insights, Growth drivers, automated Business intelligence, Product management, Net Working Capital improvement, Staffing.
2. Deployed ‘Project charter’ for each mini project and defined Issue, Goal, ‘What is to be done’ and ‘How success will be measured.’
Impact created:
1. MIS improvement led to data driven management actions.
2. Unlocked inefficient capital & improved return ratios.
3. Installed governance model and this led to KPI focused behaviors.
4. Articulated Operational, Credit policies, Job Descriptions with clear KRAs drilled downwards thru the organization.

Consulting Case Study 3

Client: is an Education Trust running a K12 CBSE School.
Client Challenge: Transform the legacy system into a modern Outcome based teaching-learning model & improvise Campus Management process.
Our Approach:
1. Developed a blueprint to deploy ICT infrastructure & transform the legacy teaching & admin processes.
2. Project management approach to deploy all hardware, ERP, LMS & web application infra.
3. Upskilling of all in service teaching staff.
Impact created:
1. Outcome based teaching learning model helped students grasp subject better effectively.
2. Deployed education ERP to digitize Campus management.
3. Took on an interim management role to manage the entire digital roadmap transition.

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