Group Coaching

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

– Michael Jordan

How are Teams connected to Leadership?

The one thing in common across the leadership spectrum is the management of winning teams – to go and achieve goals.
As you ascend to a Leadership role with a team reporting in to you, it becomes crucial to understand that, no single person (that includes You the Leader) will have all the answers. Its only when you respect the individual intelligence in the team and account for the strengths and weaknesses across the group and then play this to your advantage – will you get your company ahead.

Competitive advantage and effective behaviors will create your success.

As a business owner you hire for talent and pay for desired behaviors in the workplace.
Navigating the transforming business environment to achieve profitable growth becomes easier with a talented team that continually updates its knowledge bank through experience and learning. Our Leadership and Management development programs strengthen the behavioral competence and confidence of your key resource: your employees.

What we do

We deliver customised development programs for your people, so you can focus on your business growth. These programs are designed for Managers & senior leaders, who manage departments and internationally diverse teams.

Coaching Case Studies

Showcase the impact we created for clients across different client needs

Case Study 1

Client: is a CXO with a Consumer Durables firm in middle-east region.
Client Challenge: Managing the individuals’ perception within the Leadership Committee and be acknowledged as a good leader.
Our Approach:
1. Understand the organizational context, observe specific behaviors in situations, & get the client to articulate the desired objective
2. Conducted a Neurometric assessment based on applied Neuroscience & debrief the client on the automatic & authentic behavioral responses recorded.
3. Applied a unique to client, executive coaching intervention to manage workplace behaviors.
Impact created:
1. Through the assessment tool, Client understood his preferences and motivations to business situations and also that of other stakeholders.
2. The coaching process helped client adapt to stakeholder behaviors & also clarify his own actions leading to a wider appreciation of motivations & intent.

Case Study 2

Client: A digital media firm in Mumbai.
Client Challenge: Lead the team to high performance
Our Approach:
Executed a Neurometric assessment tool for all participants and subsequently conducted a Group workshop
Impact created:
1. During the workshop participants received the Results of their assessment that helped them identify thinking preferences, behavioral strengths and potential ‘blind spots’.
2. Conducted Group Coaching wherein Participants practiced varying their approach to other people in order to improve individual influence and personal effectiveness. This ultimately helped move teams from plain departmental collaboration to building synergy towards the organization mission.

Commendations from Coaching Clients

“When one finds only obstacles everywhere and all the efforts are crippled , the need for a mentor is increasingly felt and it was in such a juncture I approached Anil.
He had had opportunities to lead many Organizations of repute ,treading new paths for its long tern survival and thus his insight about leadership challenges and its pragmatic remedies is unique and I value the support he renders to me from time to time.”

Mr. A K Neelakandhan – General Manager, Oman

“Anil in my view is one of those rare leaders who excel both in the field of corporate governance & talent development. He has been instrumental in mentoring diverse high performing teams & building future leaders.
One of his most effective skills is change management. He not only drives new initiatives himself but is instrumental in building & mentoring teams who can endure and cherish ever changing business dynamics. It was a privilege being trained & coached under Anil and I wish him success towards all his future endeavors.”

Mr. Sanchit Aron – Senior Manager, Etisalat UAE

“Anil Sharma understands business. Whether you need to have a discussion with him at 100,000 ft on the 20-year trajectory of a business group or at ground zero on operational issues, you would be surprised at the range and attention to detail that Anil has. Anil has a deft no-nonsense style that will cut directly to the chase of the matter. I have had the opportunity to work & learn from Anil in couple of business contexts and have had the pleasure of seeing good unbiased leadership in action.”
I am convinced Anil is a great business coach and leadership mentor because he has:
• Successfully weathered many corporate storms
• Turned around and built a winning business
• Transformed and built businesses to operate in blue ocean spaces
• Excellence in process control
• A good leader at guiding teams and leaders
I wish him the very best in his endeavors.”

Mr. A T Thomas – Chief Marketing Officer Kuwait

“I have always admired Anil’s depth of professional understanding, ability to deep dive into the subject matter that interest’s him and his professional attitude towards his work & life. As a friend & client, I have learnt a lot from him through discussion, dialogues, debate & pure observation. I wish Anil a great success ahead.”
Mr. Rahul Misra – Retail President, UAE

“Great manager to work with and excellent manager in developing colleagues. Anil has amazing skill in identifying the skills in individual team members and gives correct advice to be a better person and good manager to manage their teams.”
Mr. N G Samy – Managing Director, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

“I was instantly enthused to work with Anil from the first day I met him at the applied neurosciences workshop. Anil is a well-rounded business coach and a proven leader with a track record of leadership positions across many industries. Anil sees beyond the obvious and straight into the core of a matter. Anil has a subtle yet sharp sense of leading people and communicating his ideas while asking the right questions. His recommendations are on point and highly focused. If you’re looking for a coach with such an acumen and wide understanding of any business including entrepreneurship, Anil is your man!”
Ms. Carine Bouery – CEO Lebanon

“Systematic, organized, meticulous, logical and a good communicator. He is extremely helpful and is able to advise on variety of issues and has your well-being in his mind. I often consulted him and relish the conversation both personal and professional that I had with him.”
Mr. Santosh Sansare – General Manager Africa

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