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Mar 22, 2017by admin

The future of employment

Present pursuits determine future attainments. Society has been in a continuous swirl of adaptation since the start of 19thcentury with the mechanisation of labour and then in 20thcentury with the management of labor. The end of 20thcentury ushered in the connected Internet so much so that in the 21stcentury we are in the midst of Internet of Everything., also known as IoT.

Rapid development in the field of biote...

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Mar 12, 2017by admin

#10 shots of motivation for you

Motivational quotes are like espresso shots. They help you feel energised and get into a mindset that says - Yes, I can crack whatever comes my way!

Can a motivational quote help you to succeed?

People may ask-How is that?

Else every second person could have been a millionaire just reading through the quotes.

Millionaire joke aside -...

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Mar 05, 2017by admin

How do you Ride the Digital Economy

Digital technologies have tremendously impacted our lives and the way we conduct business. Coping up and fine tuning existing business practices in the environment that is increasingly digital is the paramount concern of all CEOs and business leaders. This presents a dimension where businesses are faced with the most potent threats and disruptions with potential opportunities to boot.

Consider this, 52% of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared from t...

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Feb 23, 2017by admin

#9 Pointers to Productive Meetings

Back then a bright-eyed underling happened to ask me "How is it like being a Senior Manager?"-obviously wanting to know more about the glamour that accompanies the role.

My response happened to be matter of factly "Being a Manager is a boring job, one needs to do the same reviews and Meetings - repeatedly, through the weeks & months".

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Feb 16, 2017by admin

Can Introverts Lead?

What do exceptional leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? Their profiles range from an American politician, an Indian Civil rights icon and a Social media entrepreneur respectively, all of them impacted the lives of various others even though they leaned on being Introverts in their demeanour.

While every individual named above has exhibited their introverted perso...

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Feb 13, 2017by admin

Pursuit of Happiness

People have looked up to Leaders since times immemorial-on those that promised growth, harmony and happiness. The philosophical pursuit of happiness is documented in early history from 2500 years ago led by Buddha, LaoTse, Aristotle and many others.

In the 18th century the American Declaration of Independence enshrined the unalienable rights to their people that included "life, liberty, and the purs...

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Feb 01, 2017by admin

How do you become a Strategic Thinker

"What does it mean to be a strategic thinker?"

Managers are routinely inured to deal with tactical issues on their monthly/quarterly targets. Led by this micro focussed view they can be forgiven to think of Strategy as the tactical tool that's deployed at the time of annual budget meetings.

Having seen this across various organisations I worked with, I can empathise with Managers and at the same time feel this is an area where one needs to Coached as part of organisationa...

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Jan 27, 2017by admin

Satori of Success

"Satori" is a Zen Buddhist term for "understanding"

"Can success be attached to the failures I have faced earlier?"

One of my coachee happened to ask in all earnest as he sought to navigate the minefield of misfires, failures & success.

"Success does not consist in never making mistakes - but in never making the same one a second time." George Bernard Shaw. The poet beautifully captures the point of 'learning' from events in life/career and then utilising the sam...

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Jan 23, 2017by admin

What Concerns Leaders at World Economic Forum ?

Business is the enterprise that keeps society humming with jobs, value creation and driving progress by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.

The World Economic Forum (WEF'17) that concluded last week in Davos, Switzerland engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Global leaders had pressing concerns on the state of Globalizatio...

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Jan 18, 2017by admin

5 Steps in Leading Change Initiatives

Change is the only thing permanent! Human progress is nothing but a series of changes in the manners, customs and beliefs of society. Civilization has always accommodated change in order to progress in every epoch. In the last two centuries, changes of revolutionary proportions have brought us to a stage where the next round of changes will usher in quantum leaps in our lifestyle. How do you embrace and lead your teams through the changes that would be necessary to bring progress? Let's go th...

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