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May 03, 2017by admin

The defining pillar of leading globally: Perceptive Leadership

"Brothers and sisters, today we launched the UAE Centennial 2071 project to put in place a vision that extends to five decades and to prepare the nation for future generations"

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, spoke as he launched a long term and sustainable UAE National Agenda.

Visionary leaders like HH Sheikh Moham...

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Apr 23, 2017by admin

Why are we stressed at work?

Look around and you cannot escape the signs of work related stress on folks around you. Everyone wants to be at work and yet this work is not where many are happy.

The peer pressure of growing up and living in mechanized societies makes us do things that may or may not resonate with our natural talents. Furthermore, the university system keeps producing newer graduates who are then succumbing to practice in the trade of what they've graduated from.

One can see this ...

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Apr 23, 2017by admin

How do you make your personal Brand?

It is said, You are a Product of your environment. Whatever trait or value system it is that people around you associate you with, is a result of your upbringing and set of experiences so far.

What are your personal values? The value system is a set of your thought process and the way you apply yourself in social and personal situations.

There have been leaders whose names on recollection immediately fire off a set of value systems...

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Apr 20, 2017by admin

The Neem Project a Leadership case study

Laxmiben Vaghela, a woman from poverty line background is a villager from Gujarat, India. Educated only till standard VIII, Laxmiben used to sometimes work on an ad-hoc basis depending on the financial need at home. "While some months are comfortable, we have also seen some very lean times." This she says is now a thing of the past. She now speaks in confidence and with high social esteem. Laxmi can afford to educate her kids in a private school and fulfill her aspir...

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Apr 15, 2017by admin

Leadership Coaching: How does it help Leaders

Are you someone who limits leadership coaching to improving human experience? Or, do you think it's just a way of gaining additional perspective?

Often assumed and utilized by companies as an inexpensive way to invest its Learning & Development budget through off site workshops for Managers.

Well, then you could be mistaken as leadership coaching is much more than is assumed.

However, before we discuss the benefits of Lead...

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Apr 11, 2017by admin

Habits to follow for a life you love

Relax as you read a short Zen story: A horse suddenly came galloping quickly down the road. It appears the horse-rider had somewhere important to go.Another man, who was standing alongside the road, shouted, "Where are you going?" and the man on the horse replied, "I don't know! Ask the horse!"
This insightful story is used to deliver deeper understanding to Zen students. The 'story' is a powerful medium that is absorbed by the h...

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Apr 04, 2017by admin

Return of the Corporate JEDI

"May the Force be with you"
For those un-initiated into the Star Wars saga – this is the phrase used by theJedi – a towering personality of hero's who served and used the mystical energies of the universal Force, to fight for peace and justice.

The Indian Boardroom and its governance battles have been in the news lately. The TATA Board room battles rocked the courts and media in 2016. While the war cry is yet to die down, at the start of 2017 weâ...

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Apr 01, 2017by admin

Put your best brain forward

This was my feeling at a seminar in Dubai, during the PowerPoint presentation conducted by an eminent personality. I happen to go in full earnest to absorb thoughts from leaders in their field of study, and then there are times I fail to grasp the entire train of thought due to a weak presentation environment. David Ogilvy wisecracked on this common phenomenon, "Most people use PowerPoint like a drunk uses a lamppost- for support rather than for illumination." While there are a lo...

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Mar 27, 2017by admin

Challenge facing executives

Enron, WorldCom, Bernie Madoff, Lehman Brothers, Freddie Mac, Satyam Computer Services- are some of the major corporate meltdowns amongst a list of many others the worlds has seen.
What is common amongst all of above?
Unearthing of financial fraud coming from bad leadership behaviors.

Consequently, people and investors lost trust that they placed in the financial markets and the big corporations to safeguard their assets and interests. The loss in confidence resu...

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Mar 27, 2017by admin

Gender diversity in a 50:50 workforce

Steadily & globally we are witnessing the promotion of gender diversity across all levels of business and enterprise. Taking cues from the regulation adopted by advanced nations e.g. Norway, Sweden-it is increasingly clear that a sustainable and innovative economy will need the participation of women on the leadership platform. Innovation happens when the decision environment encourages and draws upon diverse opinions and ideas from participants.

The state of ...

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